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Keep it Yours

Clean Slate gives your personal privacy a fresh start by compartmentalizing critical aspects of your life --  your public-facing persona, work life, private life – and putting the power back in your hands on what you share with whom. Clean Slate helps you shield yourself from the prying eyes and reach of data-hungry corporations, unfriendly influences, malicious actors, and other threats to your privacy and safety.

What is Clean Slate?

Clean Slate’s Core, Enhanced, Extreme, and Incognito Portfolios provide increased levels of privacy protection, providing clients with appropriate tactics, techniques and procedures to meet their privacy requirements. 

Think of Clean Slate Privacy Portfolios as frameworks, similar to the structure of your home. There are foundational elements upon which other features are built and require solid footing for the long-term integrity of the structure to remain intact and functional, including a lock on your front door and windows that close. Then depending on your bespoke needs and lifestyle requirements, your will choose to add certain protections, such as smoke alarms and a fire extinguisher. Going further, you may determine that an alarm system and security cameras area appropriate for pragmatic peace of mind and to protect your privacy.

Clean Slate's Privacy Hierarchy

A person's ability to control their individual privacy increases when they are able to identify, add, and integrate appropriate privacy assets and tactics into their personal framework.

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Choose a Plan

You choose the level of protection best suited to your needs, and then provide basic registration information (that is held in strict and secure confidence).


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Your Case Manager Builds your Privacy Portfolio

Your CleanSlate Case Manager (a living, breathing human being) will assemble, initiate, and verify that your portfolio of privacy assets is fully operational.


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Activate your Privacy Assets

Certain elements of your privacy portfolio will be operational within a few days, while other elements require a longer period of time to establish. You will be provided with access to your services as soon as they become operational.


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Take Control of your Privacy

Once you receive your privacy assets, we recommend you change your master password to something only you know, providing you with total control of your privacy.




If someone wanted to get to you,
HOW and WHERE could they do it?

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Who might be watching you?

Stalkers, harassers, online trolls


Nosy neighbors

Disgruntled colleagues

Google, Facebook, social media

Other threat actors


Top 5 questions from clients


How is CleanSlate different from other privacy providers?

To our knowledge, we don’t believe a comparable company currently exists to provide a comprehensive range of privacy services.


Is this run by bots or do real human beings do the work?

Your account is assigned to a Case Manager, a trained security professional responsible for organizing, executing, and confirming the privacy services and assets you select. Taking control of privacy requires a hands-on approach to ensure the integrity and resiliency of each of our client’s unique privacy portfolios.


Can I just do these strategies on my own?

Yes, if you are so inclined. You can refer to the DIY Privacy Guide section of this site for more information. Our goal is to bring privacy to everyone, so we are happy to share our expertise to help keep people safer.

Our clients ask for Clean Slate to provide solutions because they want peace of mind knowing their important privacy resources and tools are prepared by experienced professionals rather than attempting on their own to perform the many steps and procedures required to build a comprehensive and robust privacy framework.


Is all of this legal?

Yes, of course.

Clean Slate provides defenses against the prying eyes and unwanted reach of threat actors including stalkers, harassers, online trolls, criminals, as well as corporations, data brokers, and social media. Clean Slate is not designed to obscure you or your activities from law enforcement. 


Can you help me get a fake driver's license or passport?

No, that is not what Clean Slate is for. Clean Slate is not designed to obscure your or your activities from law enforcement.

Get access to our privacy expertise

Clean Slate's bespoke privacy service grew out of the significant number of inquiries and requests for consultation and assistance the public had after the publication of  our book "Practical Cyber Security for Extremely Busy People."

Given the extensive amount of time and effort required to develop a functioning portfolio of privacy tactics, techniques, and procedures, many individuals in need of enhanced privacy decided it was most effective and cost efficient to them for Clean Slate to provide robust privacy solutions. 

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