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Individual Clients


Clean Slate offers clients four Privacy Portfolio options: Core, Enhanced, Extreme, and Incognito.

Core, Enhanced, and Extreme Portfolios enable clients to control their privacy by compartmentalizing and obscuring their personal information. The Incognito Portfolio builds on the Extreme Portfolio and is an additional layer of privacy, offering anonymity including a functional alias identity and other critical privacy assets.

Descriptions of each portfolio and their related privacy benefits and resources are available in the Frequently Asked Questions.

Below are illustrations of Clean Slate's privacy hierarchy. 

Clean Slate's Privacy Hierarchy

A person's ability to control their individual privacy increases when they are able to identify, add, and integrate additional privacy assets and tactics into their personal framework.


Primary Portfolio Pricing

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Incognito Portfolio Pricing

Service Offering v4.jpg

Corporate Clients

We advise, manage, and assist corporate clients with their bespoke privacy requirements. We have empowered and guided senior management and board-levem members to take control of their privacy and ensure their sensitive personal information is protected.

Contact us to discuss your organization's security and privacy needs.

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