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DIY Privacy Guides

Knowledge is power

                               Sir Francis Bacon

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We have created 2 online courses filled with practical strategies and step-by-step instructions on protecting and reinforcing your privacy. Courses are taught through, which we've found to be the most effective teaching platform for our topics.

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Free Download #1 - 
Privacy Guide and Action Plan


This guide has two sections. The first section contains an extensive (and growing) list of the main areas of most people’s lives where personal information may be accessible. The intention of the lists (and many of them are as long as grocery lists) is to illustrate how freely we have allowed our information to be collected, archived, shared, and often sold or commoditized by third parties.


Part 2 of this guide is where you begin to take control of your privacy. This section includes an actionable, prioritized list of steps you can take to reduce your attack surface immediately. We have intentionally kept it concise, and there are links to the sites you can use to increase your protections or reduce your exposure. The key to getting through the list is consistency. Do as much as you can at whatever is a reasonable pace for you, and try to complete additional tasks over the coming days or weeks until you are in a comfortably secure position. Believe it or not, after a while it becomes second nature and knowing you are stopping outsiders from prying into your information starts to feel pretty satisfying.


You owe it to yourself to take control of your information

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Free Download #2 -
Practical Cyber Security for Extremely Busy People

This book was written to help protect every person who uses a computer, mobile phone or tablet. Cyber security is not only about protecting governments or companies from spies. It’s so much more, and also so much more  personal. Cyber security is about:

  1. stopping trolls from stealing you or your loved one’s intimate photos and posting them online without your consent,

  2. protecting your family from bullies, predators, and stalkers,

  3. stopping thieves from draining your bank accounts or stealing your identity,

  4. preventing companies from secretly tracking your online activities because they want to make money off of you,

  5. securing your home WiFi so hackers can’t break in and steal your valuable personal information,

  6. creating safeguards to protect both your expensive physical devices and the precious data and files within,

  7. stopping scammers from damaging both your home life and your career, and

  8. much, much more that protects innocent victims from online crime.

Simply put, this book was written for You.

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